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Until now, formatting your email has been a hassle. If you're writing an email of any length and complexity, you've found yourself constantly fiddling around: selecting text, clicking formatting buttons, and then fiddling some more to get it right. This is tedious, frustrating, and slow.

Sound familiar?

Markdown Here allows you to write complex email in simple text, never taking your hands off the keyboard. When you're finished, just one click of your mouse will make your email ready to send.

You write your email in something called "Markdown", which is... so simple that it's almost not worth describing. If you've ever used asterisks and dashes and spaces to add emphasis and structure when you write, then you already use it.

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Last ditch sales pitch

Still not convinced that Markdown Here is for you?

Markdown Here has some extra special powers that help you to do things that are almost impossible in ordinary email editors. For example, it lets you put tables, source code snippets, and even mathematical formulae in your email. Take a look at the example below, and try it yourself.

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