Markdown Here is maintained — and was created — by Adam Pritchard, aka yours truly.

I created Markdown Here when I realized that I was having much more fun writing README files in Markdown than I was writing email — especially if the email contained any significant structure or code snippets. I found myself being annoyed that I couldn't get bullet lists with just asterisks and spaces, and I just couldn't stand trying to make code look like code.

The final straw was when I started writing email in Github's online Markdown editor, and then pasted the results into email. At that point I realized that a) that's ridiculous, and b) I'm a programmer. So I set out to make a tool that made writing email as painless and satisfying as writing a Github README.

So, Markdown Here started as a personal labour of love. But when I made it publicly available I soon realized that there are a lot (thousands, anyway) of people out there who also want their email to be simple and awesome.

Markdown Here is open source; please check out its Github project.

Markdown Here is free to users, but it costs me a lot of time (hundreds of hours, so far) and effort to maintain it and make it better. If you love Markdown Here (or when you grow to love it), you can let me know with a donation.

Thanks to everyone who has donated! You warm my heart and my coffee!
As of 2014-01-30 I have received:
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